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Introducing our brand new beginner body board with quality printed graphics, an EPS core and soft XPE deck. Designed for use in shallow waters and for riding the crest, face, and curls of a wave towards the shore. Bodyboarding is an easy sport to get in to, is lots of fun and is suitable for anyone regardless of their skill level, age or physical fitness.

Our bodyboard comes equipped with a crescent shaped tail that allows the board to hold the wave well which makes it especially suited to drop knee riders and very user friendly.

Our board includes an ankle leash and anchor point, simply clip the leash in place and you’re ready to go.

Consists of a high density EPS core that allows for increased strength and durability. An XPE textured deck for a soft, smooth ride that also reduces stress after flexing and recoil. The HDPE slick bottom adds elasticity that allows the board to return to its original shape after flexing.
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