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Aquarious 10'6" Inflatable Stand up Paddleboard White & Blue

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all-round inflatable stand-up paddle boards (iSUP) that we think offers the ultimate in versatility and quality. Packed full of features, the Aquarious iSUPs are designed to deliver an enhanced performance or calm or choppy water.

The 10'6" Aquarious iSUPs are 32" wide and with an EVA anti-skid pad on the deck they offer an ideal stable platform, whether you're into SUP Yoga, touring on calm water, paddle board sharing or you want to take on a few rapids. The Aquarious is light, tough and nimble in the water. You can even share your paddleboard adventure, our paddle boards can fit two people on (as long as their combined weight is within the maximum limits).

The Aquarious performs exceptionally in all water conditions and is suitable for all skill levels. The 32" of width provides extra stability over the SPORT board while still maintaining an All-Around design to glide through the water with reduced drag. It's best for riders who are less than 6’1” tall.

Our inflatable Stand-up Paddleboards come in various different designs to suit your individual style.

Taking inspiration from the swirl of a rip curl, our white and blue iSUP also incorporates a water droplet design effect that is present on all of our Gen1 iSUP Aquarious boards. The bright blue grip pad acts as a focal point on the predominantly white top, while the an eye-catching base has a white, blue and red swirl and wave pattern with the logo in a maroon colour and light blue water droplets.

When fully inflated at 22psi, the Aqaurious iSUP can hold up to 110kg (240lbs), thus offering a feel and performance comparable to a hard board. Whether you’ve never been on a SUP or you're a seasoned pro, our paddle boards offer a great product at a great price. Our iSUP design means the inflatables are steady in water while also being narrow enough to ensure they don't affect your paddling speed. The 32" width and 6" thickness combine so you benefit from good rigidity and stability. The rounded shape improves glide performance making it handles very well and suitable for beginners. Our SUPs come with an ankle strap, fin, pump, paddle and bag so they're an ideal addition to your iSUP collection or the perfect starter kit.

Why an inflatable paddleboard?

Here at Northern Diver we believe when it comes to stand up paddle boards, inflatable is unbeatable. They provide unrivalled practicality by removing boundaries to exploring. Unlike hard boards, they don't need large or hefty equipment to transport them and they're really easy to store. Their portability is their greatest asset, an inflatable paddle boards can go almost anywhere with you. So take the Aqaurious on your adventures.

We all love to travel and the Aquarious iSup is easy to take to your favourite water spots around the world. Its also easy to inflate and deflate. Inflating to 20 psi in less than 10 minutes and packing down to just 94cm long x 30cm diameter. Our iSUP boards come in their own handy backpack style bag so they can be easily stored in the wardrobe, the boot of your car and easily checked-in at the airport when you travel. Roll them up to fit in their included bag. You can literally walk to the edge of the water, get your board out and inflate it in about ten minutes using our included Pump. Thanks to its double-action design, this pump makes it quicker to fill boards than using a conventional pump while using less energy. Once you're ready to move on, simply deflate your iSUP and easily roll it up into the included backpack with your other accessories for easy travel, whether you want to go by plane, train or automobile.

Elevate your paddle board experience.

Because we're passionate about bringing our customers the best, we've looked at other inflatable paddle boards in the development of our own. That's why the Aqaurious is full of added extras and great features. All Aquarios models have a maximum working pressure of 22psi. We've incorporated a central grip handle, a rear marine-grade 316 stainless steel D-ring for docking and another as a leash. They sport PVC patches with elasticated black rope suspended by D-rings to store your cargo. There's a large EVA anti-skid deck pad to help with your stability and makes it extra comfy. The Halkey-Roberts inflation valve ensures no leaks and speedy inflation. The central fin is removable for various water depths and conditions as well as enabling your board to roll up easier and more compact.

Designed for fun, built to last

Multi-layered construction technology.
Get a top quality, affordable paddle board. The high quality Drop Stitch PVC Material we use makes our Aquarious boards tough, really tough. This, combined with our exceptional construction methods to give you increased durability and rigidity for the rider. There's no need to worry about dents, dings, or drops slowing you down or damaging your board. Our construction also gives the paddle board lesser flex over some on the market. With a high-density drop stitch based internal core surrounded by a base cloth, full double layer light technology, supporting fabric, reinforced sides and topped with a non-slip EVA pad, Northern Diver iSUPs are designed to be high performance and exceptionally durable and rugged. They have a high stitching per square inch ratio and fused seams for reliability. The PVC fabric we use has anti-UV, anti-mildew and fire retardant properties to keep your board in top quality condition for longer.

What's in the box?

When you buy an Aqaurious iSUP from Northern Diver, you get a complete adventure pack with everything you need to travel with your inflatable stand up paddle board. This adventure pack includes your Aquarious board, double action hand pump, adjustable 3-piece fibreglass paddle, detachable central fin, coil ankle strap, repair kit, and carry bag.

  • 1x Aquarios 10’Long 32" Wide Inflatable Paddle Board
  • 1x Aquarios Back Pack
  • 1x Adjustable 3-piece Fibreglass Paddle
  • 1x Ankle Strap
  • 1x Removable Central Fin
  • 1x Double Action Hand Pump
  • 1x Repair Kit

Bag / Backpack

Our inflatable SUPs are made to travel. Our Aquarious paddle boards are so easy to carry. Our back pack style bag has cushioned, adjustable straps, with mesh windows on the sides make carrying your SUP comfortable and simple. Built with quality materials the bag does a great job of keeping your board and gear together while protecting the board from outside elements. At a generous size of 90cm x 50cm x 30cm, we've designed the iSUP backpack to be comfortable to wear while also easily fitting all the included accessories. Our plain black iSUP backpack is made from a 600D coated nylon mix. The mesh windows on the sides to ensure that any residual water from your iSUP is able to escape the bag, to avoid mould or residue build up.

Ankle strap

Made from coiled polyurethane floating line, the comfortable ankle strap has a hook-and-loop closure. With two in-line swivels to prevent tangling and a quick-release belt that enables the ankle tether to be converted to a calf strap as required.

Central Fin

The iSUP's 8" Central Fin is removable via its patented quick hook-release system. Made from Central reinforced nylon and ABS plastic, the large central fin measures 28 x 10 x 22cm. It detaches for easier storage. The compact and robust fin fits snugly into the base on the bottom of the iSUP board. The base measures 16.5cm x 0.88cm x 2.28cm, the central fin attaches using the fin Pin (14.5mm x 4.5mm). The base connects to the board using a marine grade 316 stainless steel screw.

Dual-action Pump

Modern iSUP boards need to be inflated to very high pressure for optimum performance. For this reason we sell our Aqaurious iSUP boards with a Double Action Hand Pump.

Our Double Action Hand Pump comes with an integrated, shockproof pressure metre gauge, it inflates your board quicker, more easily and efficiently than standard hand pumps. It has a maximum pressure of 1.8 bar (26psi) and a 2x 1800cc capacity, conforming to DIN EN 16051.

A comfortable and robust hand pump, when used in double action and then single mode (simply switch the tap to change modes), it can achieve 26 psi rapidly and effortlessly. The high-airflow piston further assists easy inflation, while the hand pump seals and anti-sand filter ensure the long life of the pump and, by extension the iSUP board. At just 12cm x 25cm x 55cm, the pump, like the ankle strap, paddle and other accessories also fits comfortably into the backpack with the board so it’s no problem to transport.

The three-piece collapsible paddle completes you included accessory set making it the perfect adventure pack.

Fibreglass Paddle

Our telescopic fibreglass paddle is a perfect size, whatever your height! It can be adjusted from 1.83m to 2.18m (72" to 86"). Even better, at just 920g, it floats! The patented blade is made from shockproof ABS plastic. The paddle's 40cm x 20cm in size and designed to provide the optimum rigidity and weight, ensuring the best experience through the water during your iSUP adventures.

How do I keep my Aquarious iSup in the best condition?

We recommend that you rinse in clean water after use. Store your paddle board in a cool, dry place - storing it in excessively warm or cool temperatures will affect the longevity of the paddle board. While we've used anti-UV PVC to ensure your board doesn't fade in the sun while in use, we recommend you keep it out of direct sunlight to keep it at its best for as long as possible.