Bonda - GlassFibre Repair Kit

Bonda - GlassFibre Repair Kit

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The Bonda Glassfibre Repair Kit is a complete Glassfibre Repair Kit which can be used to replair fibreglass water features and ponds. The Bonda Glass Fibre Kit is also the perfect kit to permanently repair holes, cracks and splits in many materials, such as GRP, metal, wood, concrete and brick. It will also bond to some plastics, but not the oily types (such as PVC, Polypropylene and Nylon).

This product is designed for simple D.I.Y use:
• Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free of grease and oil.
• If necessary sand with a medium grade sandpaper.
• Ensure the ambient temperature is above 10C (50F).
• Prepare all materials required for the job.
• Apply a coat of catalysed resin to the desired area.
• Apply a layer of glass fibre to the desired area.
• Stipple on more resin, painting the desired area to saturation.
• Apply additional layers as required.

Bonda Glassfibre Repair Kit Includes:
• Catalyst and Measure
• 250 grammes Bonda Resin
• Mixing Cup
• 36" x 12" Glass Fibre Mat
• Sand Paper
• Full instructions

Important notes about the Bonda Glassfibre Repair Kit
• The Product WILL NOTnot bond to PVC or rubber.
• The Prodcut WILL dissolve polystyrene
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