Exo Manarola Kayak

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The EXO Manarola kayak is suitable for use on sea, easy rivers and lakes, especially for medium-distance trips.

The EXO Manarola kayak is suitable for use on sea, easy rivers and lakes, especially for medium-distance trips. Its versatility makes it suitable for beginners and satisfying even for experienced paddlers. The EXO Manarola is extremely stable, is highly manoeuvrable with the ability to maintain good cruising speed and direction. Thanks to its shape it is a kayak able to accommodate paddlers of varying paddler weight ranges.


The compact dimensions make the Manarola easy to transport even on small vehicles.

Weight 20.0 kg
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Length: 404 cm

Width: 63 cm

Weight: 20 kg


Blue, Blue/White, Green, Red

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