Fire Extinguisher 900g BC Powder
Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher 900g BC Powder

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Compact aerosol factory sealed BC Dry Powder fire extinguishers designed for use in vehicles, home, office and for where space is at a premium.

  • Suitable for B and C class fires caused by: petrol (leaded or unleaded), diesel, oil, gas, paints, solvents, greases, also fires involving electrical equipment, and gaseous fires.
  • BSI certified to BS 6165:2002 and Kitemarked
  • Э marked. European Aerosol Directive 1975
  • Manufacturer’s 5 year warranty
  • Easy low cost maintenance
  • Suitable for B and C Fire classifications
  • Safe for use on electrical equipment
  • Aluminium lightweight body
  • Factory Sealed - Stored pressure
  • Controlled discharge & easy to operate
  • Beta - Supplied with coated metal spring clip