Garmin Striker Vivid 9SV with GT52HW-TM Transducer
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Garmin Striker Vivid 9SV with GT52HW-TM Transducer

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Garmin Striker Vivid 9SV Fishfinder featuring Tradtional, ClearVu and SideVu depth sounding gets you on the water with an all-in-one package, improving from the ever popular Striker Plus series.

Choose from 7 colour palette display options with the new Vivid series! 

The transducer (GT52HW-TM) supports traditional: 50/77/200 kHz CHIRP (mid and high) ClearVü: 260/455/800 kHz depth sounding. 

Comes complete with everything you need to set your boat up with a GPS Fishfinder and is easily detached via it's quick release mount.

The internally built-in, high-sensitivity GPS antenna finds and maintains your position. The GPS allows you to mark waypoints for different locations. 

Features 7" diagonal display with built in GPS functionality. Also features Quickdraw Contours map drawing software which stores up to 2 million acres of content with 1 foot contours based on your own trips.


  • 12v power supply (not included)
  • Garmin GT52HW-TM transom transducer included
  • Built-in Quickdraw Contours mapping software lets you create and store maps with 1-foot contours for up to 2 million acres 
  • Built-in GPS lets you mark waypoints, create routes and view boat’s speed (speed-over-ground)
  • Bright, sunlight-readable 7" display and intuitive user interface - choose from 7 colour options! 
  • Easy to use control and display
  • Take the Garmin GPS Fishfinder off the mount when not in use for safe keeping.
  • ClearVu scanning installed for extra clarity.
  • Built in GPS antenna
  • Wireless Connectivity - Connect to Active Captain and smart notifications.


  • Physical dimensions 28.2 x 16.5 x 6.0 cm
  • Weight: 0.3 kg
  • Water rating: IPX7
  • Display type: WVGA colour
  • Display size: 9"
  • Display resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  • Frequencies Supported: Traditional: 50/77/200 kHz CHIRP (mid and high) ClearVü: 260/455/800 kHz and SideVu


  • Garmin Striker Vivid 9SV fishfinder
  • GT52HW-TM transducer
  • Power/data cable
  • Tilt mount
  • Garmin bumper sticker
  • Documentation