Waterproof Phone Cover

Gooper Pocket

In stock

Fits most cell phones

Height: 15.5cm

Width: 8.9cm

Include:  Private labeling available

Gooper patented dry bag features:

  • Instant, magnetic, self-sealing closure.
  • Phones are fully functional through the Case, allowing for
    voice and video reception without the need for a headphone or audio jack.
  • Foolproof and fumble-free automatic closure ensures a waterproof seal each time.
  • Gooper magnetic closure is credit card safe and will not interfere with electronics.

Use & Care:

  • Keep the inner part of the magnetic closure clean.
  • After use in sea water, rinse your dry bag with fresh water.
  • Keep away from pacemakers.
  • Keep away from children under 3 years.