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Grunt boat cleaner is specifically designed to make cleaning those nasty stains from your boat an easy task, so easy in fact you wont believe it!

Grunt boat cleaner penetrates into the gelcoat and using a chemical reaction gently neutralises and absorbs the staining without affecting the gelcoat in any way. The stain can then be simply washed off with a sponge and water.

To use Grunt Boat Cleaner simply apply to the stained area with a paint brush – wait 30 minutes or so while Grunt does the hard work, magically neutralising and absorbing the stain and rinse off, it really is that simple!!!

Whilst primarily designed for use on fibreglass boats Grunt boat cleaner is also works brilliantly on most two part marine paint systems and yacht enamels typically used on steel or timber boats.

Application Manual

To achieve the best results please follow the procedure outlined.
Shake well before use

1) Pour some Grunt boat cleaner into a clean bucket or other suitable container; make sure that the bucket
is dry inside as any water present will dilute the cleaner making it less effective.
Grunt boat cleaner is formulated in a gel consistency to enable it to be used on vertical or overhead

2) Apply Grunt boat cleaner to the stained areas using a small paint brush. For larger areas or for heavily
stained hulls it may be necessary to coat the entire hull, this can be easily achieved using a larger brush.
Treating just a small area may leave you with a “clean spot” showing up the dirt and staining on the rest
of your boat necessitating an overall treatment. To avoid leaving “clean spots”, the entire area sould be
treated with Grunt boat cleaner.

3) Always ensure the area to be cleaned is free from all old wax or polish as this may affect the working of
Grunt as the wax will act as a barrier not allowing Grunt to reach the staining in the surface below and
stopping it working properly. A wash with any standard boat wash will remove any wax or polish
remaining on the surface.

4) Leave Grunt boat cleaner on the surface for at least thirty minutes, longer in colder weather or heavier
staining, and then rinse off with a sponge and clean water.
Remember Grunt works purely by a chemical reaction therefore it is vitally important to allow Grunt
“time” to gently neutralise the stains and absorb them, DO NOT rub or scrub the area treated or rush
this process, it may be best to get on with another task or have some lunch as a “watched pot” never
boils!!. Grunt is designed to do the work without you.
Grunt boat cleaner should not be allowed to dry out on the surface if it is to remain active. If this does
happen on a very hot day apply another light application.

5) For stubborn stains re-apply Grunt boat cleaner to that area and leave for longer. Thoroughly rinse the
entire surface with a sponge and fresh water. You should now have a beautifully clean boat. To maintain
your boat in this condition you can apply a high quality marine carnauba wax which seals the surface
helping prevent further staining.

Although Grunt boat cleaner is primarily designed for use on fibreglass it is compatible with most two-part paintsystems currently used on many timber and steel craft. If you are unsure about the type of surface you aretreating always try on an inconspicuous area first.

Always, always wear your PPE (Personal Protection Equipment, ie: goggles, gloves etc) when handling any
chemical, its good practice!