Gul Tarpon Adult Mask Snorkel and Fin Set

Gul Tarpon Adult Mask Snorkel and Fin Set

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Tarpon Adult Mask Snorkel and Fin Set
The Gul Tarpon Mask, Snorkel and Fin set is all you need to start exploring beneath the waters surface, this snorkeling set comes complete with Mask, Snorkel and Fins, contained within a neat netted carry case. The Tarpon Mask features tempered glass lenses, a high quality silicone facial skirt that provides an excellent seal, Complete with adjustable silicon strap to achieve a personalised fit. The Snorkel contains silicon mouthpiece, splash guard, snorkel keeper and purge valve. Tarpon fins are lightweight and streamline ideal for swimming and snorkeling, adjustable PVC foot strap for personalised fit, soft and comfortable open toe, no booties needed. The Tarpon set is all you need for snorkeling and swimming no matter your level of expertise, destination or age.
    • Mask
    • Quick adjusting buckles
    • Tempered glass lenses, large field of vision
    • Adjustable silicon strap
    • Silicone facial skirt
    • Snorkel
    • Snorkel keeper
    • Splash-guard
    • Silicon mouthpiece
    • Purge valve
    • Fins
    • Efficient stream line design
    • Lightweight full foot fin, ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Soft and comfortable open-toe foot pocket, No need for booties.