Gul Tyga Neoprene Spraydeck

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Product description Gul Tyga Neoprene Spraydeck


The Tyger neoprene spraydeck is triple glued‚ blind stitched and Melcro T-5500 taped with a D-Flex: 4mm neoprene deck and X-Flex: neoprene waist tunnel. Designed for whitewater freestyle paddling. The 9.5mm elastic shock cord double sewn keeps this spraydeck secure and in place. The Aqua ring waist with ring seal keeps the water out and stays in place. Featuring durable a Duratex nose which seals the water out and The perfect deck for entry-level whitewater kayaking.

- Triple Glued‚ Blindstitched and Melco T-5500 taped seams
- D-Flex: 4mm neoprene deck
- Duratex: reinforced nose
- X-Flex: neoprene waist tunnel
- Aquaring: waist O-ring seal
- 9.5mm elastic shockcord double sewn
- 25 mm webbing release loop