Ndiver Brava Snorkel

Ndiver Brava Snorkel

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Brava Snorkel.

It is both comfortable and effective, with a silicone flex-section & comfort mouthpiece, allowing for prolonged use without any discomfort.

Thanks to its quick-release, swivel-keeper clip, the snorkel moves effortlessly when connected to a mask strap and can be connected and disconnected with ease.

The Brava Snorkel is a semi-dry design, boasting an easy purge system, complete with a large self-draining chamber, making keeping water away from your mouth and clearing water from the snorkel as easy as possible. It is a great choice for both snorkelling and diving.

Available in pink and white.

  • Streamlined oval-shaped barrel
  • Semi-dry top with splash-guard
  • Patented quick-release, swivel keeper
  • Silicone flex-section and mouthpiece
  • Easy purge system with large self draining chamber
  • Choose from white or pink