Ndiver Divemaster Evolution 12 Drysuit

Ndiver Divemaster Evolution 12 Drysuit

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Our Divemaster drysuit is a super flexible, hard wearing Neoprene drysuit, which has become the first choice for commercial divers, recreational divers and the UK's premier commercial diving schools.

Manufactured from our own, specially formulated, Closed-Cell 4mm Hyper-Compressed Neoprene, our Divemaster drysuit allows fantastic diving flexibility and superb freedom of movement. Also, Hyper-Compressed is not just a ‘sales’ term, it is a comprehensive commercial process, involving a huge 500 ton heated Neoprene press. Although it sounds excessive, it is a very necessary part of our manufacturing process, required to achieve the exceptionally high standards of our drysuit Neoprene production.

Thermal properties are increased, using our unique Ti-Ax® Thermacote® heat-reflecting system and durability is improved further by using an extra Heavy-Duty ‘pique’ nylon outer shell. Even during the most testing diving conditions and in the most demanding dive environments, with all these premium drysuit features as standard, our Divemaster drysuit really is a world leader in dry diving suit technology

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