Ndiver Kevlar Gloves
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Ndiver Kevlar Gloves

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The ultimate combination of luxurious 'super-stretch' neoprene comfort, combined with ‘hard-wearing’ Kevlar protection and with a 5mm option, for increased thermal properties.

When diving incorporates more extreme conditions, these Kevlar enhanced gloves give extra strength and protection, where it is needed, without compromising on comfort.

For colder waters, our 5mm versions also provide additional thermal protection.

  • Manufactured Using Superior 'Super-Stretch' Neoprene
  • Incorporates the Ti-Ax Heat Reflective Lining System
  • Ultra Hard-Wearing Kevlar Coated Palms and Finger Tips
  • Additional Glass Fibre Reinforcement on Finger Pads
  • Improved Polymer Coating on Finger Tip Seams
  • Fantastic Fit - Additional Wrist Strap No Longer Required