Ocean Signal RescueME PLB1 Personal Locator Beacon

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Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB1 - the world's smallest Personal Location Beacon.

Whether you are at sea or on land the Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB1 is your personal lifeline to the rescue services. When activated, it will transmit immediate, satellite notification and positioning of your distress situation. As help arrives, the strobe and 121.5 MHz homing signal will further aid the rescuer’s ability to quickly locate your position.

The rescueMe PLB1 is amazingly compact PLB is and fits easily to most life jackets. It can be operated single handed, even the most challenging situations. A simple, spring loaded flap covers the activation button preventing inadvertent use.

RescueMe PLB1 is activated manually, by first extending antenna and then lifting the protective flap and pressing the ON key for one second until the green LED commences to flash. It is now active and transmitting your distress position. The PLB should be held above water.


  • Waterproof to 15 m
  • 7 Year battery life
  • 24 +/- Operational time
  • 406 MHz satellite link
  • 121.5 MHz homing signal
  • Rapid and accurate GPS position indication
  • 66 channel GPS receiver
  • Comes with flotation pouch
  • High intensity strobe light
  • Compact size
  • Easily fits to a life jacket
  • 7 Year warranty


Size: H 75mm x W 51mm x D 32.5mm

Weight: 116grm

MEOSAR  Compatible 

MEOSAR (Medium-altitude Earth Orbiting Satellite System for Search and Rescue ) is the next generation search and rescue satellite system coming into service end 2018. MEOSAR delivers near-real-time signal detection with improved positional data.


Registering and programming

As with all PLBs and EPIRBs, they are required be registered in your country of residence with the relevant authorities. PLBs are programmed specifically for the country of registration. Orders coming from the UK or Ireland are assumed to be registered in these countries and supplied pre-programmed accordingly. For all other countries, please advise when ordering.


Do I have to register my Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)?

Yes, it is compulsory. By registering your PLB, the Authorities know who you are and have all your contacts, this considerably improves the efficiency of a rescue and can save resources in the event of a false alarm.

Can I buy a PLB in one country and register it in another country.

As a rule PLBs should be purchased in your country of residence and must be registered with that countries national authority. Each PLB is supplied, pre-programmed to a specific country and can only be registered in the country for which it has been programmed. However, if you were to purchase a PLB in Ireland for registration in another country, you do have the option to have it re-programmed to the country code of your country of residence. Please enquire from us about our country code programming service.

How do I register my PLB?

Ireland - PLBs can be registered at the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg). See this website
UK - PLBs must be registered with the Maritime & Coastguard Agency.
Other Countries - Please enquire from us listing your country request

Can I take my PLB with me when I visit a European country?

The acceptance of a foreign license holder to carry a PLB that is correctly registered in a different EU country is now pretty universal across the administrations that are CEPT members (but there are some exceptions). For full information please see the ECC guidance page:

How do I get the battery replaced?

Your PLB1 battery can be replaced by any of Ocean Signal's worldwide Service Centres/Distributors. CH Marine is an approved service centre.

Do I have to pay a subscription for the service?

No, there are no subscription fees. After purchasing your PLB the only additional cost comes after 6 years, when the battery will need to be replaced.