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An excellent Lifejacket for the Commercial Fishing and Workboat IndustryYour Lifejacket and Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) are recognised as one of the most effective combinations of survival equipment available today.

Sometimes it simply is not sufficient just to be supported in the water by a Lifejacket, time can become critical and here the addition of a GPS 406Mhz PLB can dramatically improve your chances of early rescue and survival .As the PLB is easily accessible within your Lifejacket you are free to use your PLB without even activating your Lifejacket.

This can prove extremely useful, if you need to raise a Mayday alarm and yet, you are not required to enter the water. You are left with the freedom of movement without being restricted by an inflated lifejacket.Supplied with elasticated webbing to attach PLB to oral tube