Sports Foods Ireland Zone3 Agile wetsuit

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The Zone3 Agile wetsuit has been made of high quality materials to offer high comfort combined with an optimal fit. This suit not only provides the necessary heat but is also designed to swim faster and with less effort. In addition, it has received good reviews in the world of triathlon, among which the 220 Magazine and Best Buy awards stand out. also highlighted the flexibility of the shoulder portion providing excellent flexibility and comfort.


- High flexibility in the shoulders and arms to provide greater efficiency and energy

- Application of the innovative Extreme Flex material in the underarm panels to improve resistance and speed

- Use of SpeedFlo fabric in 70% of the garment that minimizes friction in the water, increases speed and improves durability. The remaining 30% is made of high-quality soft-touch neoprene

- Zone3 silicone coated in Pro-Speed CuffsTM on the legs to increase the speed in removing the garment, saving time and energy

- Great fit and low neckline to provide greater comfort between initiation suits

- Perfectly stitched and sealed for increased flexibility, durability and comfort

- YKK zipper that makes it easy to put on and take off the suit quickly and easily

- 2mm density at the shoulders, 3mm at the chest and upper back, and 4mm at the torso, legs and side panels

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