Superstretch Gloves

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Northern Diver's best-selling glove and it's easy to see why.

The Superstretch gloves are a firm favourite with divers and dive schools, all over the UK and throughout the world. Hailed for their affordable price and fantastic quality. They offer superb comfort, great performance and they've got fantastic heat retention. They're also reported to be the easiest of all our gloves to put on and take off, this ease-of-use makes them very desirable for diving.

Our legendary Superstretch gloves have also been chosen for many different non-diving applications. In fact many of our customers praise their versatility, because our Superstretch gloves are perfect for land and surface use too. We believe this is why they are (and have been for years) our best selling Neoprene gloves. They're famed for providing exceptional hand protection, without compromising on dexterity.

What's the makeup of your Superstretch glove?

Our Superstretch gloves are are manufactured from Northern Diver's unique 4-way super stretch neoprene. We've incorporated our innovative Ti-Ax™ super-warm titanium inner lining, for the ultimate in comfort and superior heat retention. Overprinted on top of our four-way Superstretch neoprene is a silicone texturing this provides additional grip which is highly effective. These materials combined with the self-moulding design make our Superstretch range ultra flexible.

Our Superstretch gloves conform to the health and safety requirements outlined in Annex II of the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC.