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Functional Kayak Carrier that adapts perfectly to the hull of the kayak. The 874 Kayak Carrier is ideal the ideal way of carrying a kayak or small boat.

Perfect for boats or kayaks that are made from more delicate materials such as GRP, carbon fibre or diolen as the rubber pads protect it from scratches and marks.The kayak carrier makes it easy to load the kayak onto the roof as it fits to the boats exact shape, and the boat itself is not damaged by being strapped down onto the roof bars.Suitable for both standard & aero bars. Come complete with 4 x Rubber Grip Supports as well as 1 x Pair 4m Straps.


  • Four adjustable rubber mounts support the kayak during transport.
  • Sturdy straps keep the kayak firmly secured.
  • A rubber pad around the strap buckle protects the kayak and car from scratches during loading and transport.
  • Supplied with all fittings required to fit.