Typhoon Multisport Hinge Drysuit

Typhoon Multisport Hinge Drysuit

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The Typhoon Multisport Hinge suit is the latest offering from Typhoon.The eagerly awaited MS Hinge suit has been updated offering a modern looking high visibility stylish look, with the new Hinge entry mechanism.

The Mutisport Hinge suit has all the great qualities and features of the original Multisport suit but offers a much easier hinged entrance zip above the waist.The suit is easy to don in seconds and offers a non restrictive suit around the shoulders.Latex and neoprene wrists, with fabric socks and Con Zip (relief) as standard.The neck seal is a double neoprene with glide neck for comfort and ease of entry.A Latex neck seal can be fitted as a custom option of required.