Yamaha 9.9 HP Engine

Yamaha 9.9 HP Engine

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Our lightweight heavyweights - now with more power

Packing more power on the water doesn't have to mean dragging a heavy outboard onto your boat because the lightweight F8 and F9.9 are perfectly portable. Their comfortable-to-use, integrated carrying handles help too.

Discover the joys of whisper-quiet operation and excellent fuel economy, now blended with even more of our smooth, reliable power. Yamaha's CDI Ignition System ensures reliable, first-time start-up, so with the twist-grip throttle and F-N-R gear system, it all adds up to easy, safe handling.

These are engines with many talents, making them ideal for tender duties, for short fishing or family expeditions – or if you use your boat as a reliable work partner.

Whether you're a recreational boat owner or a busy professional, choose the engine that will make your boat perform better.

Every engine in the Yamaha range uses the latest Yamaha marine technologies, engine layouts and ingenious intake and exhaust systems. Yamaha's 4-stroke development has been so successful because we build only pure marine-specification 4-stroke engines from scratch - rather than adapting ordinary automotive engines.

Plus Yamaha's specially designed marine engines don't compromise on power, performance or usability, yet still help preserve our marine environments through the use of pioneering clean-burn technologies.


Fresh Water Flushing System

An easy-access, front-mounted connector lets you flush salt and dirt from the waterways without having to run the engine. It's a very efficient way to reduce corrosion and extend the life of your engine - just connect a hose and you're ready to go.

Shallow Water Drive system

You can cruise towards the shore with confidence thanks to Yamaha's Shallow Water Drive system. This offers protection for your propeller, whether you're in a murky lake or crystal clear shallows of the sea, so you can get as close as you need to be.

'Start-in-gear' protection

With this kind of power, a false start can give you a serious jolt. But Yamaha's 'Start-in-gear' protection eradicates such worries. On manual start models, the starter is locked when in any gear other than neutral. On electric start versions, the power supply to the starter motor is isolated until neutral is engaged.

The Yamaha 4-Stroke Advantage

Yamaha engines combine the lightness, compactness and reliability of our original 2-stroke models with all the benefits of 4-stroke technology, like economy, smoothness, and being gentler on the environment. We're proud that all Yamaha marine engines are designed from scratch - rather than relying on existing designs from automotive products.

CDI Micro-computer Ignition System

You want the fun to start as soon as you get on to the water and the engine to purr with the minimum of fuss. Yamaha ignition systems are 'solid state' components with no moving parts - a design which allows them to deliver the reliable starting and consistent performance for which Yamaha outboards are renowned across the globe.

Yamaha's Ideal Anti-corrosion Protection

You need an engine that can be relied on. Yamaha outboards are renowned for their durability and how well they hold their value. Central to this is the unique YDC-30 aluminium alloy that protects the engine's exterior parts, and a zinc coating, high-quality stainless steel, and 5-stage exterior coating for long-lasting protection inside and out.