Going Green with Odyssey Innovation

Going Green with Odyssey Innovation

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McHale Marine is especially proud to support a fantastic innovation with supplying our customers Kayak’s from the Odyssey Innovation product range.

So, what is so special about Odyssey Innovation Kayak’s? Created from the passion of removing the unwanted plastic in essence pollution from our seas. 

“The concept for recycling marine plastic into kayaks and other products came from a need to resolve three recurring obstacles encountered whilst conducting ocean clean-up activities. To resolve this Rob came up with an ambitious plan to combine elements of all three problems and by using the circular economy, turn them into the solution.

To deliver this plan Odyssey Innovation Ltd was created to collaborate with the Ocean Recovery Project, charities, NGOs, government bodies, the fishing industry, recyclers, manufacturers, Innovators and businesses, in order to find long-term sustainable solutions to tackle marine plastic pollution by incorporating the circular economy into our operations.” Source

The image below demonstrates the recycled plastic used to create the Islander Paradise Odyssey Kayak. The Paradise has a sit-on-top for smaller people. The hull has a full-length keel and glides through the water with ease. The Deluxe backrest seat comes as standard so you can paddle all day and useful storage spaces mean you can join the effort and collect any rubbish you find along the way.

Paradise Odyssey Kayak is available online or in store

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