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The palm, finger and thumb areas feature a heavy-duty, protective coating, which improves wear resistance but doesn't compromise flexibility. In addition, we've overprinted the palms, fingers and thumb with a polymer coating for improved grip and to make these gloves even more hard-wearing. The printing reinforces the palm area and combined with the robust and durable stitching and seams make our 5mm neoprene gloves an ideal, cost-effective option.

We've added an elasticated hook and loop fastening wrist-lock strap to minimise water migration. This also enables the wrist fastening to be adjustable. The internal lining has thermal properties to help keep your hands warmer and helps make our 5mm neoprene gloves easier to take on and off, even when your hands are wet.

With our 5mm neoprene gloves we don't compromise on quality to bring you an affordable price tag. Wearers regularly comment on the high level of comfort provided.

The flexible neoprene construction and 5mm thickness make these gloves a great option for use with suits, for scuba diving and a variety of other water sports.

Our 5mm Neoprene gloves conform to the health and safety requirements outlined in Annex II of the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC.