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Boat Buddy Marine Surface Wash and Sealer is a mild but powerful detergent based cleaner designed to clean the surface dirt and grime from all surfaces without removing any previous protective wax coating applied. Iti s ideal as a simple wash down product between full valets. Removes general atmospheric dirt and grime whilst sealing the surface against further staining.

  • Wash and Sealer is primarily used as a maintenance product used regularly between full valets
  • Will not remove sealers or wax coatings already in place but will remove the dirt adhering to them.
  • Contains a liquid version of Boat Buddy Marine Surface Protector which leaves a prtective film on the surface cleaned
  • Biodegradable and water soluble
  • Recylable packaging
  • Highly concentrated. 1 litre of product make 100 litres of Wash and Sealer
  • Size : 1 litre