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T-rex L puts togheter stiffness and lightness in a design aimed at steep creeks. Born for the most intensive free ride, this kayak is stable, fast (SUPER FAST INDEED!!!) and amazingly reactive


T-Rex L was born from a team project: after tests, comparisons of ideas and prototypes, we are proud to present the new boat from creek.

The continuous rocker along with a flat tail allows an easy boof without compromising the speed of the boat. The rounded sides give stability and make the boat manageable and easy even at speed; changing directions has never been so easy. The upper hull is optimized for a predictable surface recharge.

Its unique round shape makes the T-Rex L the ideal kayak for hard-core and beginner canoeists looking for a stable and reactive boat. Despite the great size of the T-Rex L, thanks to the widespread volume distribution, you have the impression of pottying a smaller boat, but the benefit of the volume will be felt as soon as you need it!

Our goal was to produce a tough, uncompromising boat, ideal for steep creek, large volumes and high-racing races. Try it yourself and confirm that we are right!

Like the other models, the T-Rex L features an easy-to-adjust set-up. Exo’s, we are at the constant search for a robust, solid, but fast-setting system to provide the best boat for both experts and schools.