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Pains Wessex Parachute Illumination Rocket also known as white rocket flares.

The Pains Wessex Parachute Illuminating Rocket is used in search and rescue operations at night or for collision warning. Designed to withstand exceptional environmental exposure and to perform reliably even after immersion in water, the pull wire igniter and improved grip provides easy handling. Rocket ejects a white flare at 300m (1000ft), which burns for 30 seconds at 90,000 candela.


  • SOLAS Approved for commercial activities
  • Rocket will ignite, launch and stay visible for 30 seconds.
  • Model : Pains Wessex MK8 Illumination Flare
  • Suitable for leisure or commercial use.


  • Flare deployment height: 300m when fired vertically, 200m at a 45 degree angle 
  • Length 295 mm (11.6 inches)
  • Diameter 32 mm (1.3 inches)
  • Weight 270 g (9.5 oz)
  • Altitude 300 m (984 feet)
  • Net Explosive Content 94 g (3.3 oz)
  • Light Color White
  • Light Burn Time Minimum 30 s
  • Light Intensity 90,000 candela .


  1. Hold signal firmly by ribbed handle.
  2. Unscrew white bottom cap. Do not point at people or property.
  3. Hold rocket vertically above head pointing away from body. Ensure hands remain clear of top.
  4. To fire – pull red ball sharply do wn

Pains Wessex White Rocket instruction on use

Storage Requirements

Ideally should be stored in the robust, specially designed polybottle, or in a dry, easily accessed location at ambient temperature.