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Pouch Weight Belt is a more comfortable solution for holding additional weight around the waist. 

A common cause of losing a weight belt is the buckle coming loose and/or the belt slipping off, accidentally. This often occurs when divers are hauling themselves back onto a RIB or hard-boat, with no harm to the diver (except to his or her wallet). However, it can sometimes happen if the buckle gets caught or loosened, during the dive. In this situation, the consequences could be more serious. 

This 'Pouch Weight Belt has been designed to minimise the possibility of that scenario. The belt is much wider, increasing the contact area and also improving comfort. The belt also has a 'rubberised' inner lining, to resist slippage. In addition, the weights are secured inside separate fixed pockets, with less chance of the individual blocks becoming snagged. All finished off with a solid stainless steel high-grip weightbelt buckle. For convenience, each pouch also contains a separate 'removable' mesh bag, so that lead shot can be used instead of standard weights.