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The Fusion Duo is the perfect kayak for those adventures that need to be shared. Ideally suited for bringing someone on their first whitewater experience.


  • Retractable skeg keeps you heading in a straight line, and counter the effect of wind or waves on the kayak.
  • Skeg Slider positioned in front of the rear paddler’s cockpit for easy visibility and access.
  • Rear hatch generously sized, with a super-dry KajakSport cover.
  • Lightweight foam bulkhead separates the hatch compartment from the rest of the kayak to keep it dry and your gear where you put it.
  • Second bulkhead separates the cockpits to allow the other paddler to roll if one swims.
  • Deck elastics for quick access storage of on-the-water essentials.
  • Paddle parks store your paddle safely whilst fishing, taking photos, or just relaxing.
  • Action camera mount, securely mount an action camera so you can show your friends and family just how epic your adventure was!


Usage: River Running, Recreational Touring

Outfitting: Stout (stock)

Deck Size: Large