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KONTRA series are modern multi-purpose boats made of polyethylene. They can be used both for inland waters and coastal waters. They perfectly pass their exam in open water areas and hard-to-reach places, particularly during floods, as supporting boats in rescue operations carried out by the services.

Especially designed and thought-out boat construction - with double bottom, has many air chambers providing security. The combination of a V-shaped hull with side floats as in a catamaran provides stability, and at the same time excellent speed and maneuverability. Even when knocked over, pierced with one or two coats or completely filled with water, the boat stays on the water, giving the crew a permanent safe base. 

Polyethylene is a material that is completely resistant to weather conditions, does not absorb water, is very durable - even at low temperatures - it surpasses other materials such as polyester resins, PVC or wood. Polyethylene as a material is lighter than water and its high strength - especially impact-strength causes this kind of boat to be extremely resistant, even when hitting hard elements such as pieces of wood, stones, waste laying in the riverbed. Polyethylene boats do not need to be painted or subject to maintenance, so that even during intensive use they retain their efficiency and aesthetics for a very long time.


  • Trailer
  • 2 Captain Seats
  • Steering Console for 450 with a wheel, Gear, Steering system and Lighter socket.
  • 2 side lockers
  • Paddle with boat-hook set and holder


  • The boat is CE certified by Polish Registry office (PRS) for C/D Categories:
  • Capacity C-6 persons/D-10 persons
  • Total length: 4.50m
  • External Width: 1.90m
  • Height: 1.00m
  • Length in waterline: 4.00m
  • Width in waterline: 1.80m
  • Freeboard at the max load limit: 0.30m
  • Weight:
  • Max Capacity 1000kg
  • Max Engine Power: 59,18HP = 59,18PS =60KM =44,13kW
  • Hull material: LDPE
  • Hull Construction: 2-sections closed
  • Technology- rotation moulding