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Fly is a small two-seater sailboat that is great for starting your sailing adventure.   It is a boat with high stability and high maneuverability, thanks to which it is safe and forgives mistakes.   The boat is very light, so you don't need a slip, just a piece of shore and you're on the water.

Total length - 2.58 m
Total width - 1.44 m
Total height - 0.52 m
Waterline length - 2.46 m
Max waterline width - 1.32 m
Freeboard height at maximum
permissible load - 0.26 m
Sail area - 4.45 m²
Mast height - 4.5 m
Empty unit weight - 65 kg    
Number of people -2
Maximum load capacity - 350 kg                                          
Hull material - LDPE
Hull construction - double-shell closed                                               
Manufacturing technology - rotational molding

Basic equipment:

Hull, bench, mast, boom, rigging, sail - mainsail, rudder, daggerboard,
bow locker, bow handle, drain plug

Additional equipment:

Sail - foresail with accessories, oars, oarlocks