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Patented tool from the manufacturer SELMA for every type of rope-splicing. Professional quality. Intended primarily for splicing braided line. The 4-piece set for rope diameters 3.5-14 mm, is intended for splicing double-braid (ppm) rope. A splicing manual is included.

The Selma Fids are a must for the serious splicer. These are constructed out of stainless steel and have a hole on the end so that when you push this out of the rope you can put a pin in there to pull it through. The smallest size in this kit works great for picking the core out of rope on double braid. Since the Selma Fids nest inside each other, they take up very little space making it an ideal addition to any bag of splicing tools.

Selma set of needles (fids):
  • Selma splicing needle 4 mm
  • Selma splicing needle 5.5 mm
  • Selma splicing needle 7.5 mm
  • Selma splicing needle 10 mm

Selma Needle Specifications
  • Made from highly polished stainless steel over nickel plated brass.
  • Five-piece set
  • Selma Fids considered a 'must have' in every splicers kit.
  • Fids for hollow braids or double braids from 3.5mm to 14mm