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Beaver Dive Slates are an excellent choice for divers that need to record information during their dives, two sizes are available depending on the space needed.

A Beaver Dive Slate is the perfect choice for divers looking to record information while on a dive, whether that be drawing a map while on the dive or taking one down with you. Beaver dive slates are made from an extremely touch plastic that is completely corrosion free, is easy to write on and can be erased using a normal rubber. Depending on how much information you need Beaver Slates come in either A5 or A4 sizes. A quick release clip ensures that the slate remains attached to you when not in use but can be deployed in a second for easy use in front of you. The supplied dive pencil is secured to the board using a length bungee which helps keep it stored as well as stopping it float off.

Beaver Dive Slate Features:

  • A5 or A4 size
  • Quick release clip
  • Pencil and elastic cord