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Wax 100% eco-friendly, 100% natural.

The GreenFix Surfwax is the alternative to wax, 100% ecological and natural, environmentally friendly and made from renewable ingredients.

The ingredients used to achieve the GreenFix are totally composed of waxes and oils of natural origin and modified rosin * of natural origin, without any kind of additives of petrochemical origin.

The new formula of GreenFix provides unparalleled grip and a wider temperature range.

The GreenFix not melt in the sun: it is resistant to more than 60 ° C.

Wax for fresh water: 11-17 ° C
Bread 90 g.

* What is rosin?
Rosin is a solid resin obtained mainly from pine trees and other plants, mostly conifers, obtained by evaporating the liquid and volatile components of this resin. The rosin is used as an ingredient, among others, for inks, soaps, soda and waxes.
Used for its high ability to grip.