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It cleans stainless steel, chrome and aluminium boat fittings leaving a coat of glycerine which polishes and forms a protective layer.
Use it in the galley to clean hobs and corian work surfaces too. Great for cleaning fenders, upholstery and rib tubes (Hypalon and PVC)!

  • Effective, economical and safe to use
  • Cleans AND polishes in one go
  • Removes even stubborn dirt
  • Doesn't scratch or damage hard surfaces
  • The handy sponge easily cleans hard-to-reach places and the troughs of non-slip decks
  • Use outside and inside your boat
  • Clean with cold fresh water or sea water
  • Contains no phosphates, toxins or acids
  • Safe for children, pets and the marine environment

Each tub of the product comes with two cleaning sponges to be used with the product. Cleaning with Vistal is very easy. Upon opening the tub, there is a white, solid material. One simply needs to wet the sponge and rub across the product a few times, then rub the sponge to create a foam and clean the desired surface. To finish you can wipe the cleaned object with a wet, damp or dry cloth for the final polish.

Natural ingredients: Soapflakes, green soap, vegetable oils, glycerine, polishing clay and perfume oils.

Vistal Hard Surface Cleaner is a fully biodegradable, environmentally friendly cleaner. It is kind to the skin and free of toxins, acids and phosphates. The glycerine in the product actually helps to maintain the skin's natural moisture balance, which means Vistal Hard Surface Cleaner does not dry out your hands. Vegetable-based glycerin is a harmless substance, and it is used in many foods and moisturisers.