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Outboard 2 stroke Engine Oil that's an Outboard Industry approved NMMA TC-W3 RL formulation with our exclusive additives we meet or exceed the industry standard when it comes to guarding against power robbing ring stick and carbon build up, while providing superior anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection in the harsh marine enviroment. High quality anti-wear protection for pistons and bearings
Enhanced cleanliness of engine components, particularly the piston and exhaust port; no sludge produced
Outstanding anti-corrosion and anti-rust capability to provide protection for the engines components
Low exhaust smoke production burns without leaving any sticky deposits
Reduces ring-sticking, spark plug fouling and pre-ignition
Withstands high temperatures and pressures of modern engines, low aquatic toxicity

Suitable for:
Both pre-mix and direct oil injection systems in all 2-stroke Outboard and Personal Watercraft engines